WPP team has Trasportation the Oversize cargoes to THAIOIL

WPP team has Trasportation the Oversize cargoes to THAIOIL

WPP team has transportation the Oversize cargoes from CAZ PLC, Rayong to Thaioil : WSB-E07

This shipment have the many oversize cargoes, we needed to visited the CAZ site for measuring the Length Width and Height of cargoes before transportation the oversize cargoes to the destination. 

Therefore, WPP team decided setting the route survey and transportation teams for protection the cargoes without defect, becasue those oversize dimension cargoes need to droped on the concrete block with the trailers for protection the insulation pipes have a distances between trailers and cargoes, when loading on the trailers already

We were transportation the cargoes by hydraulic trailer 12 Axles lines, becasue the route for transpotation, That's route have a many curves and road narrows. Therefore, we need to used the hydraulic traliers for took the turning radius with safety transportation process.

Before process, we need to first safety talk becasue we should transportation on the night for avoid the traffic crowed and checking the lashing point everytime when convoys were parking for preventive an accident on the transportation.


However, we're still working  within standard of safety and protection your cargoes under Transportation Management System (TMS)  like our cargoes. And we're hope to service with you.

Best regards

WPP Team.


Duration Date :  1st - 10th November 2023 at CAZ PCL, Rayong and THAIOIL : WSB-E07 site.


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